The Journey

The Journey

The Journey meets on Sundays at 6:30 pm during the fall & spring sessions of Life Groups. (Sept - Nov & Feb - April). In order to develop disciplined followers of Christ, we have planned a different emphasis for each week.

Prayer - 1st Sunday

Prayer is a key to everything else in the Christian life. For this reason, we begin each month with prayer. In each session, we learn principles of prayer, and then immediately practice what we have learned.

Truth - 2nd Sunday

We believe the Bible has practical answers to many of today's perplexing problems. Every 2nd Sunday we will study a foundational truth and how it applies to the situations we deal with on a daily basis.

Missions - 3rd Sunday

It will be our privilege one Sunday evening each month to hear about what God is doing around the world - from frontline missionaries. Your heart will be inspired and challenged.

Worship - 4th Sunday

The 4th Sunday of each month will be devoted to worshiping God. Through music, singing, drama, and prayer we will join together in a variety of worship services. Come and adore!

Family - 5th Sunday

On the occasional 5th Sunday you are invited to a special time of gathering with your family. Written guidelines will be provided so your family can enjoy an evening at home learning more about the Lord.